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Made With Love In The U.S.A. With U.S. Produce

We Have a Quibble With Kibble


Specially Cooked & Formulated For Good Boys (and Girls)

Do You Know What You've
Been Feeding Your Best Friend?

Cannon’s Natural Pet was founded on one thing, a love of animals. We want to see all pets thrive and live long, healthy, happy lives. A key component to that is a balanced, natural diet - We deliver nutritional meals, made from real human food to ensure your dog stays happy & healthy.

Real Food

Human Grade, Human Made All Natural Pet Food.

USDA Kitchens

Created in kitchens inspected up to human health code.

Made Fresh

We only make your friends meals when you place your order.

Vet Approved

We work closely with veterinarians across the country to ensure your pet's needs are met. 

Real Food

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USDA Kitchens

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Made Fresh

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Vet Approved

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Revising Your Best Friends Food

We are cutting out the middle man and passing on the quality and savings to you. Quality and convenience delivered to your door. No more overpriced commercially produced pet food.


Just like the human diet, diet can also be linked to issues in pets. Some dog owners find it hard to manage their dog’s weight when feeding mass-produced food. This shouldn’t be a difficulty if food intake is controlled. Changing to a natural diet can help reduce certain types of behavioral symptoms, cancers & diabetes.


Kibble is produced commercially in massive batches and can still be subject to contamination. In the first three months of 2015, there were nine recalls for puppy food due to being contaminated with chemicals or salmonella. We only produce human-grade food, so our kitchens are inspected to that level.


Studies have shown that dogs fed on certain types of kibble were more likely to get bloat and that dogs that are fed on dry food only are more likely to get bloat than dogs whose dinner also contains wet food. Bloat is a very dangerous, painful and often fatal condition, not to be lightly dismissed.


Animals enjoy eating just as much as us humans. Feeding kibble provides a less pleasurable eating experience for the dog than a raw meaty bone meal. Most dogs finish a kibble meal within a very few minutes and still feel hungry afterward. Whereas a naturally fed dog has a more extended period of enjoyment from his meal.

We Are Here To Help

All our meal plans are tailored to meet any requirements. Just like humans, pets have allergies, likes and dislikes and we can cater to pretty much anything.

A Fresh Way To Feed Your Pet


Tested On Humans

Yes, we do try the food ourselves to ensure it meets our high standards.

Personalized Plans

Each meal plan is tailored to your pet's needs, likes, allergies, size, age, weight, and dislikes. No two plans are the same

Delivered Within Days

Once you place your order we get to work. Select your delivery date and your best friends' meals will be shipped fresh using our partner carriers.

Convenience & Quality.

Why Feed Your Best Friend Something You Wouldn't Eat?

No preservatives, no kibble, no fuss. Fairly priced. Human grade food. Approved by veterinarians. Loved by pets.

  • Delivery Direct To Your Door
  • National Shipping
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging
  • No Long Term Commitment


My dogs absolutely love CNP meals. Spark, my poodle mix has skin issues that we are positive was diet-related, after eating the meals for a little other a month we are seeing massive improvements, we are excited to see how it improves over the upcoming months.   

Dee, Boston, MA.

Not only is it convenient, but my dog also goes crazy for these meals. He's not the fussiest eater in general, but he seems to genuinely enjoy eating them. For me it's easy and I feel good feeding him. 

Abby. San Diego, CA. 

Finally, something my dog likes eating on the daily! She's a pug and is the worst eater, we were feeding Lily way too many snacks because she wasn't eating dry or wet food. We thought we'd give these meals a try and miracles she eats every one!!

Mike. Tampa, FL. 

My lab, Ash, has had digestive problems for some time and his vet suggested some dietary changes and supplements. I tried a few different pet meal delivery services and even tried homemade food, which was great, but very time-consuming. Ash loves Cannon's, and FINALLY, his bad stomach is better, he's a much happier dog. Thanks!

Anna. Portland, Oregon.


10,000+ Happy Pets & Counting

Personally designed pet meal plans, delivered directly to your door.

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Made With Love In The U.S.A. With U.S. Produce