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Made With Love In The U.S.A. With U.S. Produce



Our Food

Cannon's Natural Pet isn't reinventing the wheel we are just trying to do the right thing. Much like human food is linked to behavioral issues, obesity, cancer, and diabetes it is just the same in pets, but our pets don't usually get to choose what they eat on a daily basis, feeding your best friend fresh, small-batch produced food has clear benefits. We're positive that if your pet is having health issues, is perfectly healthy, a picky eater or you are just looking for more convenience we'd love to help.

We work with veterinarians and with you and your friend to ensure we find the right plan for all their needs. We take into consideration age, the breed, how active your pet is and if they have any foods that might not agree with them. Our team is here to help keep track of your best friends progress and make adjustments as they grow bigger, older and sometimes fussier.

All our meals are prepared in kitchens that produce meals for us, humans, we are health code inspected so that we could, in theory, serve our food to people (obviously we don't do that!) All our food is cooked with human-grade meats and veggies and blended with our specialty Cannon's Natural Pet vitamin powder to ensure your friend is getting all the nutrients they need. We then lightly blast freeze your order ready for shipping. Everything is cooked fresh to order and shipped within 24 hours.

Always speak to your vet before starting a new meal plan, just like you should chat with your doctor if you started a new diet.

You can certainly make your pet's meals, there are thousands of recipes available. We just take the hassle out prepping your dog's food and make sure it is balanced correctly for your friend's needs. 

Just store them in the refrigerator when you receive your shipment. Each individual meal comes in its own sealed pouch. You'll receive a shipment every other week so just store them and use daily until your next shipment arrives. Easy!

Your Subscription

Cannon's Natural Pet costs vary depending on the size of your friend, but each meal costs less than a cup of coffee! Convenience and quality delivered to your door, your bezzie mate is going to love it. 

I'm sure we won't be able to please all our furry friends, just like us humans we sometimes just like what we like. If this is the case we will work with you and get you some other recipes.

Worst-case scenario your pet hates it, if you donate the food to a local animal shelter we will offer a full refund. 


When you've chosen your first delivery date at checkout this will be your bi-weekly delivery day moving forward. You will be charged every two weeks on the day you placed the order. We ensure you never run out of food, we don't want to deprive our furry friends! We deliver to everywhere on the contiguous USA, so this just excludes Hawaii & Alaska, sorry if you live there, hopefully, we'll deliver there soon.

You can make adjustments to your plan at any time. Need a later delivery, more food, less food, no problem, just reach out and we will make that happen. 

Your best friend's food will arrive in Cannon's Natural Pet box with recyclable packaging and our insulation material is biodegradable. Each meal is individually portioned in foil packets and be cleaned and recycled.

Made With Love In The U.S.A. With U.S. Produce